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    Welcome to my Toyota web site, the purpose of this site is just mostly the images, nothing special. So sorry, no help on your cars, or any tips. I'm not saying I don't have much knowledge on cars, but I guess I am trying to say I am lazy. Anyways, enjoy my site, give me any feedbacks, thank you.

   This site is to provide some info on Toyota vehicles, expecially the Camrys and Camry Solara's. I have provided a lot of pictures of modified Camrys, and all generation of the Camrys. I hope this site will give you more better look at Toyota Camrys.


Update 6/16/00: I am finally out of school, summer vacation for me! I added more pics in the Gallery section, and I made a new Car Sticker and Others folder in there. Music added in the About section. And also if you haven't noticed, I removed that AllAdvantage link on the bottom frame and put the Camryman link on there instead.

Update 4/27/00: Ok, I'm on spring break, and I'm still too lazy to do the gallery, sorry.  Well, since non of you are going to use my forum, I will change it to Camryman's forum, it's the best since a lot of people use it. My ad bar is not working, so I think I'll just... leave it like that. I think FreeDSL is beomcing a scam, so I'll remove all the FreeDSL stuff.  Enjoy the new forum!

Update 2/25/00: Sorry but my gallery is still not finished yet, maybe I'll finish during spring break or something, I'm just too lazy to do it  right now.  As for my pictures, if you find your picture in my gallery that is yours and you want it off my gallery, I will take it off ASAP, just e-mail me.  If you want your picture to be in my gallery, please feel free to send me your pic along with your name and list of mods. I won't garrantee you that my gallery will be complete soon.

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First made:2/10/2000   Updated: 4/27/2000

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